Questions about Window Cleaning Services? We’ve got answers!

Q: Do I have to sign a contract with KC Window Cleaners?
A: Absolutely not. If at any time you are unhappy with us, cancel anytime.
Q: How much will it be?
A: Call us and we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate, or use our free online quote system.
Q: I had someone cleaning windows that didn’t arrive on time and eventually stopped showing up, how reliable are you – can I count on KC Window Cleaners?
A: Unlike a lot of window cleaners, the owner of KC Window Cleaners values each client greatly!
Q: The company we had now comes at different times, is this common?
A: Many of the larger window cleaning companies are based far from their job sites and this causes scheduling problems. We are based locally so we’re always in the neighborhood! Once you set the frequency of your cleaning service, that’s how often we will be there, weather permitting.
Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned?
A: The period of time between window washing varies, depending on several factors. Is your property exposed to elements that cause windows to get dirty quicker than normal (such as high traffic roads or waterfronts)? Do you like your windows to sparkle day after day? Over the years, we’ve noticed that clients vary the frequency with which they have their windows cleaned. Some prefer annual cleaning, while others prefer more frequent service. Many homeowners have their windows cleaned for “spring cleaning,” then before the holidays in November. Some of our clients have certain prominent windows washed more frequently than others, including storefronts and lobbies for businesses, and living room, kitchen, and sunroom windows for residences. This type of scheduling also helps keep your cost down.
Q: What makes KC Window Cleaners different?
A: Our mission is to be the best 1-2 story window cleaning specialist in Kansas City. KC Window Cleaners is continually improving every aspect of our business so you can be happy with how your home or business looks and feels. We keep our overhead low and work locally, so you can be sure you are getting high quality and the best price.
Q: How much does window cleaning cost?
A: Each job is different in size, amount of windows, styles of windows, types of siding, and etc. We come to your home or business to give you an estimate.  Estimates are ALWAYS FREE and take about 5 minutes.
Q: Safety and liability is important. Is KC Window Cleaners insured?
A: Yes, KC Window Cleaners is fully insured for your and our security and safety.
Q: What is the estimated return on investment for clean windows when selling a home?
A:  According to 2000 real estate agents surveyed and published in the June 2003 issue of Money Magazine, window cleaning is the number 1 improvement that generates the best return on investment. It was determined that window cleaning alone had a 768% return on investment.
Q: How often should KC Window Cleaners clean my windows?
A: The environment in kansas city plays a part in deciding when and how often you should clean your windows. Your windows display the effects of dirt, dust, pollen, bugs, acid rain, salt and bird droppings. Your KC Window Cleaners staff will evaluate the environment and conditions your glass is exposed to and provide you with a plan to keep your windows clean all year round.
Q: Does KC Window Cleaners clean windows year-round?
A: Yes we do! The winter is a good time to clean the interior of your windows, removing the dust and allergens. The outsides become dirty from both snow sitting and snow plows blowing snow and salt. Remember, having clean windows means maintaining clean windows year-round, not just when you physically see dirt on them.